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All submissions will be judged on the following:
Gameplay (how fun is the game to play)
Innovation (is the game new/interesting)
Adherence to the theme (does it incorporate the theme in a genuine way)
Completion (how complete is the demo?)
Well-rounded (Is the game well rounded in terms of art, programming, sound, visuals etc


All submissions must be playable on as a web build. You can target other platforms as well,

but your submission must be playable in a browser to allow the judges to play in a podcast!

We'll keep this page updated with a list of frequently asked questions, so stay tuned for updates and start getting your team together!

July 10th @ 8:00 PM

to July 12th @ 8:00 PM

Come on n slam, and welcome to the Game Jam!

Game Dev London is hosting its first-ever community game jam!

It'll be hosted on and open for anyone to submit.


Submissions will be judged by the Game Dev London hosts with the top 10 all featuring in a live episode of the Game Dev London podcast where we play through each demo discussing the game.


The winner will also get to be featured on the Game Dev London website!


The jam will have two themes a Game Dev London theme and the Game Makers Tool Kit theme, so people who want to take part in both will be able too.